A (much shorter) list of the songs I play when I go to sleep.

Anthony Green // Slowing Down (Long Time Coming) (Colin Frangicetto Remix) Bear In Heaven // Sweetness and Sickness Bright Eyes // Lime Tree Bright Eyes // A New Arrangement Bright Eyes // Tourist Trap Bright Eyes // Ladder Song Circa Survive // Think Of Me When They Sound Circa Survive // Brother Song Demi Lovato // Shouldn’t Come Back DIIV // Home The Early November // Decoration (demo) Have A Nice Life // Bloodhail The Hush Sound // Hurricane Kimbra // Old Flame Nothing // The Rites of Love and Death Porcelain Raft // Backwards Porcelain Raft // The Way In Sky Ferreira // Ghost The Sounds // Goodnight Freddy Starfucker // Mona Vegas The Vaccines // Wetsuit Whirr // Formulas and Frequencies Wild Nothing // On Goyut Wild Nothing // Pessimist Young Prisms // Four Hours (Away) Youth Lagoon // The Hunt


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  5. latiflora said: breathe me- sia is an awesome song that i bet you’ve heard a million times. i could sleep to it anyday. whats sky sound like? shes fierce but i’ve never listened to her
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